Sketchbooks Fall 2013


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for art media I, art media II and 3D expressions courses
You will be required to maintain a sketchbook throughout your Art Media I, Art Media II and 3D Expressions experiences. It will be much more than a collection of doodles, but rather a window into your artistic development. It will be a substantial work in its’ own right. You may find that it will yield inspiration for other works or that it contains work worthy of photography. Your sketchbook will also be your space. Although exploration of specific content (i.e. drugs, alcohol, anything of a sexual nature) is not condoned, if you have sensitive material you do not want to share please cover that page.  Below you will find all sketchbook requirements and assignments. There are also links for to help you get ideas flowing!

Purchasing Requirements:


sketchbook example copy


Sketchbook assignments will be announced and sketchbook work will be checked on Day 5 or Day 6 (depending when your class meets). Sketchbooks are then graded based on effort and craftsmanship and entered into the Academics/Research category on Sapphire. LATE POLICY – TWO POINTS WILL BE SUBTRACTED EACH CLASS PERIOD IT IS LATE. STUDENTS WILL BE AWARDED A MINIMUM OF HALF CREDIT 10/20 IF COMPLETED.

1. ARTIST INVESTIGATION: (20 points, Research Category)

DUE DATE: September 20th (Blue, Green, 3D Expressions), September 23rd (Yellow, Orange)

Directions: Choose any artist that you find interesting.  See Artist Investigation Requirements below. 

2. VISUAL RESPONSE: PROMPT 1 (20 points, Academics Category)

DUE DATE: September 30th (Blue, Green, 3D Expressions), October 1st (Yellow, Orange)

Directions: Use a series of interviews—for example, with people in your family, school, or neighborhood—as the starting point for a work of art. Write a 3 sentence description of artwork. It is not necessary to include the full interview.

3. ARTIST INVESTIGATION:  (20 points, Research Category)

DUE DATE: October 8th (Blue, Green, 3D Expressions), October 9th (Yellow, Orange)

Directions: Choose an artist that relates to your work!!!!  See Artist Investigation Requirements below. 

4. VISUAL RESPONSE: PROMPT 2 (20 points, Academics Category)

DUE DATE:  October 15th (Blue, Green, 3D Expressions), October 16th (Yellow, Orange)

Directions: Create a work of art—without using representations or images of human figures—that communicates something about an experience of another person or other people Write a 3 sentence description of the artwork.

5. ARTIST INVESTIGATION – (2O points, Research Category)

DUE DATE:  November 1st (Blue, Green, 3D Expressions), November 4th (Yellow, Orange)

Directions: This artist investigation will be on: Marcel Duchamp!!! See Artist Investigation Requirements below. 

6. VISUAL RESPONSE: PROMPT 3 (20 points, Academics Category)

DUE DATE:  November 12th (Blue, Green, 3D Expressions), November 13th (Yellow, Orange)

Directions: Animate 3 found objects and turn them into developed characters. You may use any found object, i.e. yo-yo, can opener, football etc. 

7. VISUAL RESPONSE: Prompt 4 (20 points, Academics Category).

DUE DATE: November 20th (Blue, Green, 3D Expressions), November 21st (Yellow, Orange)

Directions: Draw the most comfortable place in your home. Spend 30 minutes drawing from observation.

living room

8. VISUAL RESPONSE: Prompt 5 (20 points, Academics Category)

DUE DATE: December 4th (Blue, Green, 3D Expressions), December 5th (Yellow, Orange)

Directions for Art Media: Illustrate the feeling of Claustrophobia. Make it as representational or abstract as you’d like. Spend 30 minutes drawing.


Directions for 3D Expressions:  Draw a cup or glass from three different angles. Include a light source, shading and shadows to show three-dimensional form. Spend at least 30 minutes drawing.

Need Help? Use this resource:

9. VISUAL RESPONSE: Prompt 6 (20 points, Academics Category) – LAST SKETCHBOOK OF THE SEMESTER!!!!!!

DUE DATE: December 12th (Blue, Green, 3D Expressions), December 13th (Yellow, Orange)

Directions for Art Media: Visually represent one of the words below using 3 layers. You must fill ONE whole page! No White Space! Layers can include – background patterns, shapes, line work, objects, patterns, shadows, shapes, specific details. YOU CAN LAYER ANYTHING!

allegorial, balance, boundaries, change, complex, consumption, culture, current, deconstruct, disruptive, divine, ecology, equality, equilibrium, ethereal, fantasy, gesture, hope, humor, hybrid, paradox, protest, radical, reconstruct, regret, rich, spirituality, texture, time, transcend, understanding, vision.

Directions for 3D Expressions:

Collaborative Sculpture Proposal: Illustrate it with two 5″ x 7″ sketches. Sketch the front and back of the sculpture. Every person in class must play a role in creating this sculpture. Sculpture ideas must include: Material, Approximate Dimensions, Color, Parts, How it is assembled.


Requirements for Visual Responses: 

The visual response is intended to be a fully developed artwork of its’ own accord. The visual response may be in a medium of your choice and be as realistic or abstract as you would like. The visual response must span 2 pages of your sketchbook and include a brief description of its’ conceptual formation.

Requirements for Artist Investigation:

Over the course of the semester, you will be required to submit 6 sketchbook investigations (3 artist investigations and 3 visual responses). Due dates for these investigations will be announced in class and will be worth 20 points per investigation and response.

Artist Investigation Requirements (3):

This investigation may be of an artist of your choosing. Please research an artist you feel inspired by or whose work contains similar visual or conceptual dialogue to that of your own work. Photos of the artists’ work must be printed and included in your sketchbook. Please work accross the spine in landscape form and include the following categories:

  • Description: Calls for keen observation and vivid detailed recounting of visual characteristics of artwork. For example, you may describe the media, compositions, line quality, form, negative space, texture, brushstrokes, etc. (5 Sentences)
  • Analysis: Specifically related to the facts gathered through reading and research. You may highlight the intentions of the artist, the meanings behind the works, the cultural contexts in which the artworks were made and the ways meanings were expressed visually. (5 Sentences)
  • Reflection: This step entails deeper thinking about the meaning of the work and personal interpretation  of it. (5 Sentences)

sketchbook 1

sketchbook 2



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