Reconstructed Book Investigation


Through the creative process, artists communicate using visual language. Messages are sent from the artist to the viewer through a variety of ways. Artists may create artwork with very literal meanings or create artwork which contains open-ended meanings that can be interpreted. In a sense, the artist becomes an author of a silent dialogue or narrative that is communicated to the viewer. For this next investigation you will identify and communicate a silent message through visual representation. Please carefully consider the questions below:


What is visual language?

How can the elements and principles of art help communicate a particular message?


Investigation Objective:

I will convey a concept/idea using visual language and through the dynamic alteration of a book. My concept will be influenced by a chosen word from my selected text.


Limitations and FAQS:

1. What type of book may I use?

– Any fiction, non-fiction, how-to, autobiography, etc

– No graphic novels

– No magazines (these aren’t books!!)

– No children’s books

2. Can my altered book be 2D or 3D?

– Yes, you are welcome to explore all variations of the book!

3. How much of the book must be present in the final artwork?

– At least 50% of the books elements (pages, spine, etc) must be used in your artistic outcome.


book arts



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