Introduction to Collage

As a student, you have most likely created a photo collage about yourself or for a class project. We are also starting this semester with a collage! Get excited!!!!!  However, your collage will be well thought out, developed and a completed artwork.

Project Objective: I will create a collage that repeats an image, shape or design at least 25 times.


– Make sure all elements are aesthetically cohesive.

Aesthetically Cohesive: All elements go together!

– Must have a thought out composition

Composition:  How your artwork is arranged or the layout of your artwork.

– Must repeat an image, design or shape at least 25 times


Distinguished Proficient Developing
Craftsmanship ____ /25 points Collage reflects student care, consideration and use of thoughtful decision making and precise gluing/cutting. Collage demonstrates thoughtful decision making but lacks caring presentation. Collage reflects little to no care or consideration.
Time/Effort _____ / 25 points The collage demonstrates focus, intention and creative thinking.The collage contains a developed composition and is aesthetically cohesive. Collage demonstrates intention but lacks experimentation.The collage contains a developed composition OR it is aesthetically cohesive. Both are not present. Collage lacks focus and reflects minimal intention. A developed composition is not present. It is not cohesive.

Please click on an image and flip through the sample collages below:

Getting Started:

Collage Art vs. Photo Collage

Collage art is very different than collages you have previously created. Please complete the worksheet below and demonstrate knowledge gained yesterday.

Awesome self portrait by ellinor
Image 1

Start Working: Work quietly until clean-up.

Clean Up Procedures:

– Please make sure your name and class color is on your collage.

– Place in-progress work on a drying rack or in you class color drawer or shelf

– Any collage pieces you’d like to save can be placed in a plastic bag. Put your name on the plastic bag and put it in the drawer.

– Throw out any scraps that are smaller than your hand!








Class 3

Find a collage artist





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