Curatorial Project

Curatorial Collaborative Project

With the art show a week away, it is time to begin selecting and arranging artwork for the Art Media section of the exhibition space. You will be broken up into groups of 3 or 4 people and each group will be given one display panel. As a group you will select and arrange the artwork, analyze and interpret the artwork, then formulate an exhibition statement that will be posted with your panel. Together you will become curators!

Curatorial Team: What is a curator?

With the key goals of informing, educating and inspiring the public, a museum or gallery curator acquires, cares for, develops, displays and interprets a collection of artefacts or works of art.

A Day in the Life- Museum Curator

Curators do not ONLY or ALWAYS select works of art that they find technically advanced. Rather curators often choose works based on formal qualities (appearance), or an overall theme. You want to choose works that go together in some way! For example, you could choose works that connect based on formal elements of line and pattern, or group together works that illustrate various seasons and the passing of time. As a team of curators you must select and arrange a cohesive exhibition!




1. Participation in Selection and Interpretation Process:

– Did you select at least one artwork for your exhibition panel?

– Vocalization of thoughts, opinions or ideas to your group – Did you contribute critical and analytical thought? Thoughts will be recorded on the guiding questions and will help formulate the exhibiton statement.

2. Role/Responsibility Accomplished:

– Did you carry out the task assigned to you in a organized and accurate manner?


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