Narrative in Art



For the next unit we will be literally, toying with the following concepts:  RECONCEPTUALZATION and NARRATIVE. 

Reconceptualization (or Recontextualisation) is a process that extracts text, signs or meaning from its original context (decontextualisation) in order to introduce it into another context. Since the meaning of texts and signs depend on their context, recontextualisation implies a change of meaning, and often of the communicative purpose too.


  • To deconstruct and reassemble a stuffed object using philosophical theories from the DADA art movement.
  • Prepare the object for new ownership by starting a narrative and creating a tag
  • Collaborate with a 1st grader to finish the narrative.
  • Create a dynamic illustration of the collaborative narrative.

Handout for Project:

Art Media II Play in Art Pacing Guide


1. Begin the Story. 

This is the beginning of your creature’s story. The opening of the story must be at least 5 sentences long, with the last sentence prompting additional writing. For example, end your story with “But then…” or “After this…”. This will help prompt younger students to continue writing.

Formatting Requirements:

12 pt

Arial Font


Click HERE to see example!

You will need to print two copies and turn them in to Ms. Rhodes. 

2. Creating a Name Tag. 

For this part of the project, you will be designing a custom Name Tag for your stuffed creature. The Name Tag will combine the Fill-in-the-Blank concept with the visual design work of product tags. For example, clothing tags.

Things to consider: 

What shape will the name tag be?

How will it be attached?

What font could you use?

Where will the 1st grader write the creature’s name?

You don’t have to write… “My name is…”


You could create a coat of arms, or custom symbol.

Use thick watercolor paper or matboard.

Look up fonts and practice drawing them.

3. Collaboration Reflection:


Inspiration from Other Artists:

News Article:

Toys in Art:

The Artwork of Mike Kelley: