Build Your Own Boot Camp

Welcome to Art Media II!  Your exploration of materials and techniques in Art Media I has prepared you to BUILD YOUR OWN Boot Camp. Art Boot Camp is held at the beginning of each semester and is designed to help you experiment with new materials and perfect techniques with your favorite art mediums. It also allows you to engage in observational drawing (draw objects from life) and improve your overall drawing ability. In Art Media I, Art Boot Camp uses a large still life as the subject matter. However,  Art Media II BUILD YOUR OWN BOOT CAMP will focus on anatomy and the human figure.

Please complete the MY GAME PLAN form below to BUILD YOUR OWN BOOT CAMP.

You will be GRADED on the following:

– Consistent effort throughout each day of art boot camp. 10 points per day. 

– Specific techniques must be included in your work. Below you will see which techniques MUST BE USED for each art medium.  20 points.


Acrylic Techniques

Watercolor Techniques

Colored Pencil


sharpie techniques

charcoal techniques



oil pastel techniques








chalk pastel techniques










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