Collagraph Print Exchange

Collagraph Print Exchange

DUE DATE: January 21st

A collagraph is a printmaking process that emphasizes the use of texture. Found objects that contain texture (such as string, tinfoil, leaves etc) are cut and glued down to a square “plate.”   This collagraph plate is then coated with ink and stamped or printed onto paper using the printing press. You can create abstract or representational imagery.

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 Requirements for print exchange…

Create one collagraph plate.

Print the collagraph plate ____ times. Create one print for every person in class.

Prints must be clean, CENTERED and FREE OF FINGERPRINTS.




Distinguished Proficient Developing
Craftsmanship ____ /25 points Collagraph reflects student care, consideration and use of thoughtful decision making and precise printing. No evidence of fingerprints or smudging. Signature present. Collagraph demonstrates thoughtful decision making but lacks caring presentation. Print contains fingerprints. Collagraph reflects little to no care or consideration.
Time/Effort _____ / 25 points The collagraph demonstrates focus, intention and creative thinking.The collagraph contains a developed composition and demonstrates experiementation in printing is evident. Collagraph demonstrates intention but lacks experimentation.The collagraph contains a developed composition OR demonstrates experimentation in printig. Both are not present. Collagraph lacks focus and reflects minimal intention. A developed composition is not present. It not printed clearly.

The following videos demonstrate different collagraph techniques:


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