Place Investigation

OBJECTIVE: I will create an artwork that represents my in-depth investigation and developed perspective of the concept “place.”

How do the following artworks speak about “place”?

Questions to consider before working:

    • What will be in my foreground, background and midground?
    • What makes a place unique?
    • How is my sense of place affected by outside influences?
    • How do we describe particular places that we are familiar with?

Step One: Watch the Videos on this Presentation:

Step Two: Investigating Art Mediums and Styles – 20 points

Sources of Inspiration:


Step Three: Develop 3 unique ideas and create 3 thumbnail sketches in sketchbook. Include a written explanation for each idea.  (10 points)

Sketches are how you decide exactly what your artwork will look like.  Think of it as a rough draft. How will you represent your idea? What will it look like? Which sketch has the most interesting composition? Sketches will be checked by Ms. Rhodes.  

sketches 2

Place Investigation Survey


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