Identity Investigation


Identity Investigation Objective: 

I will create a work of art that explores my identity through the following :

If I were a __________, I would be ____________________, _______________, and _____________________. 

  • How do I see myself?
  • How do others see me?
  • How am I different?
  • How am I the same?
  • How is my sense of self affected by outside influences?
  • How does my sense of self affect the way I perceive/interact with others?

Considering Identity Through Self-Portraits

Phidias and Raphael: Hidden Self-Portraits

study for phidias ingres 1827

Phidias often inserted himself into his paintings as a signature. Other famous artists have also done so, but the reason is not certain. It could be as a signature or it could simply be because they needed another face in the crowd.

Below you will also see Raphael’s Self-Portrait.


Can you find it in his famous Italian Renaissance painting – The School of Athens?

school of athens   

 Frida Kahlo: Interpretive Self-Portrait 

Kahlo used herself as a model as a sort of therapy for some of the struggles she faced in her life.

frida kahlo fridakthe-little-deer  

Marc Chagall: Identity Through Dreams 


Marc Chagall often creates narrative self-portrait. In this painting Chagall did not even consult a mirror & wanted to reflect his childhood memories of growing up in Russia.


Egon Schiele: Identity Through Inner Physce

Egon Schiele is known for his stylized, vivid portraits of people. His portraits often reflected the inner physce, feelings, and psychology of the human mind. egon schiele self-portrait-as-st-sebastian-1914





A project proposal is a formal “game plan” for the artwork you are going to create. You will describe your specific concept (response to identity) and select an art medium that you feel will best represent that concept.

Step 2: Create Sketches of 3 compositions in Sketchbook (10 points)

You must sketch three compositions of your idea before beginning the project. Think of it as a rough draft. How will you represent your idea? What will it look like? Which sketch has the most interesting composition? Sketches will be checked by Ms. Rhodes.



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