Art Media I

Course Description:

Art Media I is a foundations course in which students will utilize the creative process to investigate various media. Students are encouraged to exercise deliberate choice to communicate their ideas and responses related to the concepts “Identity, Place and The Everyday.” Numerous artists related to these theories are explored as a modes of inspiration, specific vocabulary and media techniques are introduced and student project proposals are written throughout the semester. Verbal and written critical analysis of students’ work is also an integral part of this course. The synthesis of these components will highlight individual student strengths and development.

Course Syllabus:


Grade Categories:

Student grades will be determined based on the following categories:

  • Investigations: 50% of the grade. In class projects graded by rubrics.
  • Academics: 20% of the grade. Examples assignments: sketchbook, peer review, self-reflection writing activities.
  • Research: 20% of the grade. Example assignments: Project Proposals, critiques.
  • Time Resource Management: 10% of the grade. On-task effort made for the duration of each investigation/unit. Class and cleanup participation.

Project Assessment:

In-class projects are assessed based on growth in the following categories: Persistence, Independence, Flexibility, Voice, and Vocabulary. Please see attached rubric. Students will be asked to complete self-evaluations of their work periodically over the course of the semester.

Growth Assessment Rubric

Scorched Earth by Mark Bradford, 2006
Scorched Earth by Mark Bradford, 2006

Units of Investigation:


Unit Student Learning Objective:

Students will define their own authentic visual language.

Unit Creative Process Concepts:

  • Related Artist Exploration
  • Mixed Media Investigation
  • Mean-making through mark-making
  • Abstract Imagery
  • Juxtaposition to create new meaning
  • Elements and Principles of Art
  • Formal and informal critique
  • Self-assessment

Unit Essential Questions:

  • How do I see myself?
  • How do others see me?
  • How am I different?
  • How am I the same?
  • How is my sense of self affected by outside influences?
  • How does my sense of self affect the way I perceive/interact with others?

Individual Lesson Modes of Engagement:

  • Recognize: identify and critique the socio-cultural signs, systems and structures that contribute to the ongoing evolution of their identities.
  • Recodify: Deconstruct and recode these socio-cultural signs, systems and structures (as a means of celebration, affirmation, refutation, liberation, etc.
  • Render: Create affective forms of expression that communicate their assertions or findings
  • Reconnect: Contextualize their own work and that of the class within the framework of art history, cultural history, visual culture, etc. (through critique process)

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