A Pecha Kucha

All of our sketchbook assignments this semester have been centered around specific art movements and styles. For this collaborative assignment, you will work with a partner to create a presentation that recaps the art movements we covered. That presentation will be a Pecha Kucha!

Presentation Requirements:

  1. 20 slides = 1 opening slide + 16 art movements (already covered) + 2 new art movements (your choice) + 1 closing slide.
  2. Slides must be IMAGES ONLY.
  3. Outline for Presentation = Everyone contributes content via OneNote.
  4. You must present movements you DID NOT cover in your sketchbook.

Since you will be collaborating with other people in your class, we will be using OneNote to write our presentation outlines and post the presentations.

Download the OneNote:   Art Media Notebook