Wire Sculpture

Half Empty or Half Full

Has anyone ever asked you, “Is your glass half empty or half full?”  The answer to this question may be determined on a moment to moment basis, or serve as a descriptor of your personality and outlook on life. This metaphor is often very literal and some people feel strongly that this does not encompass the diversity of emotions we feel as people. Human emotion is very complex created within our brains and then portrayed verbally and nonverbally in a variety of ways. For this 3D investigation, you will explore how people convey emotion through nonverbal communication.

– How does body language communicate emotion?

– How does your facial expression demonstrate how you are feeling? What actually happens to your face muscles?

– How does your body naturally react when danger is near?

– How would your body react if you won the lottery? What shape would it take?


Objective: I will create a partial or full human figure that conceptually conveys positive or negative emotion and formally includes positive and negative space.  

Specific Requirements

Must be a study of the human figure (whole figure, partial form or portrait/bust)

This wire sculpture must be empty (negative space) and full (positive) space.

It may have a base or hang from the ceiling.

Size: Minimum of 3 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft

wire hand

Project Proposal – 20 points

Review the following tools, tips and techniques:

Wire Materials and tools are found here.

Wire techniques can be found here.







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