Sculptural Mask Collaborative

Objective: Our team will collaborate to create a sculptural mask. The mask will visually represent the synthesis of:

 1) A Cultural Mask    2) A Concept Word 


 Your team may select: 

East Asian Masks and Emergence 

Nuo Mask from China

The following may result when concepts are combined…. 

cardboard head



Teams Will Be: 

1) Ben, Heather, Alison

2) Sarah, Matt, Hillary

3)  Emily, Adelaide

4) Jasmine, Mason, Marlyn

5) Liam, Hanna, Jonathan


Other Requirements:

– Each mask must be human-scale or larger and the back of the mask must be considered.

– Each team must research the historical significance of the mask selected and complete the research form below.

– All team members must contribute to the design and construction.

– You only have 8 class periods!! Ahhhhh





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